Summary: I have 9 different Emerson folding knives with a photo of each knife, I have several photos of each knife available if you email me the model you're interested in.

Here is a list of what's available for sale, with prices:

A-100, partially serrated. 2014 production. *SOLD*
Gentleman Jim, non serrated. 2011 production. *SOLD*
Journeyman, partially serrated, 2011 production. *SOLD*
CQC-7BW, partially serrated, 2012 production. *SOLD*
CQC-7V, non serrated, 2012 production. *SOLD*
CQC-8 SUPER, partially serrated, 2011 production. *SOLD*
CQC-8, partially serrated, 2012 production. $180.00
CQC-8, non serrated, 2006 production. *SOLD*
CQC-11, non serrated, 2006 production. *SOLD*

You can use paypal to buy the knife of choice, just let me know which knife you want so I can update the inventory. My paypal is: (just enter that in to your web browser) Please add $10 for shipping / insurance CONUS, if you're overseas email before buying so we can figure out shipping charges. Thanks for looking.