Summary: a fabulous mid-tech by Jerry Moen down in Texas. Google up the maker, he’s the real deal. He makes two of these with different blade grinds, this harpoon recurve and a wharnie. Here are the specs on these two I have left for sale:

3-5/8” RWL-34 (same steel Rob Bayley uses)
Harpoon Recurve Blade Grind
DLC Coating (google it... it’s awesome!)
IKBS, Ceramic Balls
All Titanium w/ 3D Honeycomb Scales
Custom Folding Knife Carry Case

7 photos for review -- as shown, a matching Mongoose folding knife case is included. These were selling down in Tulsa for $650 a piece, two left and a killer deal on these last two. Perfect for EDC and smooth as silk, satisfaction guaranteed. Thanks and good luck.