Dwaine Carrillo Custom M250 Cobra Button Lock
Iron Rhino Model 6 / .25” Stock
Satin Finish w/ Case-Hard Flats
4-1/4" Blade -- 10" Overall Length
Green G10 & Titanium
Flamed Blue & Gold Titanium Clip
Steel Thumb Stud & Belt Clip Spacers
Engraved Signature Inside Ti Scale
Original Pelican Case

Summary: this is an Airkat / Carrillo Custom Cobra with an OD green G10 front scale, Ti back scale, and heat treated Ti belt clip. .25” stock, Model 6 blade grind with satin finish and case-hard flats. Steel spacers all around, razor sharp and locks up like a bank vault. Dwaine signed the knife on the inside of the Ti scale, hard to photograph but I guarantee it's there. Mint condition.

5 photos for review -- as shown, the original Pelican hard case is included. This is a gorgeous Carrillo Custom, worth a boatload now and more down the road. Perfect for collection / investment purposes, avoid the fake garbage and buy Dwaine's originals. Authenticity obviously guaranteed -- thanks and good luck.