Summary: this is a Remote Survival Company "RS-1" Survival Knife with leather belt sheath. T he handle scales appear to be aluminum with some type of a baked on coating, there is a wire saw coiled up inside the handle on a 5/8" spool. The knife has a 3" blade of 1/4" stock, overall length (open) is 8-1/4". The knife appears unused, there are some paint chips on the handle finish.

The leather pouch sheath doesn't look like it has ever been carried and if so, sparingly. All stitching is fine and the snaps function perfectly, there is a hex wrench in the pocket that can be used to wind up the extended saw and to adjust the tightness of the blade.

6 photos for review – I know nothing about this knife other than what I've read on the internet. And, from what I've read... it's one hell of a stout little survival knife that's quite rare. I've only seen one other RS-1 for sale (currently on eBay for $2,499 obo), compared to that mine looks like the bargain of the century. Check it out – thanks and good luck.

Information about the Remote Survival Co. RS-1 found on the internet:

The RS-1: A Survival Tool

"The RS-1 has been designed for the strict purpose of survival under the most adverse conditions possible. Its an ultra heavy-duty survival tool and is therefore not considered in the same category as that of a normal hunting knife.

The blade is a fill quarter inch think, specially designed to perform all survival tasks with optimum efficiency. Alloy is 440-C Stainless. Heat treatment begins with an annealing operation and follows through with a cryogenic (Deep Freezing) process and tempered to a hardness "C" 58 - 60 in a vacuum atmosphere furnace. These blades will hold their edge longer than most other knives and are easier to sharpen because of their hollow-ground design that tapers to a thin, yet strongly reinforced cutting edge. This means that the RS-1 blade can maintain it's cutting efficiency over a longer period of time and be quickly sharpened using a small pocket stone or sharpening steel. This very important necessity is often over-looked in survival knife designs.

The RS-1 can be opened and closed with one hand, even while wearing heavy gloves or mittens. This feature can be important should you sustain an injury to one of your arms in a plane crash or during a survival situation.

The Saw

The RS-1 is unlike any other survival folding knife in the world, because it contains a 16" wire saw that coils around a 5/8" diameter spool within the rear handle.

The saw is currently used by the military in survival kits. It can saw through a 2" limb in 45 seconds. It can also saw through harder materials, such as bone, ice and thin-gauge Aluminum such as found in aircraft fuselages.

The RS-1 saw can be brought into instant action by it's pull bar, and is re-wound inside of 20 seconds. For extended survival use, the saw can be detached immediately in the field without tools for construction of a regular bow saw."

Very few of these knives are known to exist commercially and are very rare. The knife is known to be at least 25 - 30 years old."