Brand New Unused and part of the "Operation 2 Weeks" which started October 14, 2015 and ended October 20, 2015

Battle Saw Specs.

Blade Length: 11"
Width: 2"
Thickness: Approx. .25"
Over All Length: 16 1/2"
Handle: Diamond Quilted Pattern in Magnum Textured Black Canvas Micarta
Grind: Patented Corrugated Bevel Technology
Steel: INFI
Hardness: 58-60 Rc

Jerry Busse:

This knife was inspired by a saw tooth monster I made back in the early 80's and is built on the foundation of the legendary Straight Handled Battle Mistress. It is part of a VERY limited run destined for BLADE 2015 that did not get finished in time. This blade is already rare coming out of the blocks!!! Therefore, it will only be offered for a short time.

The model I made in the 80's was the only one on the market at the time with saw teeth that were canted toward the tip. My pre-internet research at the time indicated that the only saws on the market with backward canted teeth were tenon or draw saws that were designed for cutting finely detailed tenons and dove tails for drawers. They were not designed for heavy notching and or sawing. Actual use with these two different designs heavily favored the teeth in the forward canted position as this allowed the user to put their weight into the cut and allowed for safer, deeper, and much more efficient cutting. With the teeth on top, one of the best positions to use a knife like this in was to saw from the bottom up. . . . . Thus pulling a knife with rearward canted teeth toward yourself to saw notches made little sense since a minor slip while sawing might result in a major transgender modification!!!!

The teeth were never meant to replace the chopping required to build a shelter or to gather wood for a fire but rather meant for notching sticks for traps and shelter building where a straight cut edge or notch in the wood would work best for that particular application.

The Battle Saw features our patented CBT Corrugated Bevel Technology which reduces weight while increasing rigidity in the blade. It makes for a very efficient chopper.

The butt of the knife is flat and perpendicular to the cutting edge for efficient hammering of the tip.
The teeth are sharpened prior to coating for better protection from the elements.

Made in the USA and unconditionally guaranteed for life.