Note: this is one of about 15 items shown in JR's original website catalog. I bought all of the original catalog knives from him when he first moved to Montana, each is stamped with a C to designate it is the actual item shown in the catalog. Additionally, each came with a new catalog that has been hand-signed by James next to the photograph of the piece offered for sale. Photos should tell the story... check them out.

Summary: JR's catalog "Pack Axe" made from 3/8” stock! C stamped hammer marked head, nickel silver guards… beautiful crown stag. Never used and never carried, looks like the day it was made. Mint condition

The tooled head cover was made by Jack Mosher. Made for this Pack Axe, fit is perfect. Mint condition.

7 photos for review – as shown, a embroidered BMK carry case and the original signed catalog both included. This is a great piece of BMK history perfect for collection purposes, one of only 15 or so catalog originals with the C stamped head. Thanks and good luck.