Summary: an unused, one of a kind SBK200 "Bush Machete" made by Dave Beck. If the name doesn't ring a bell... Dave is the guy who made the original TRACKER knife that was in the 2003 movie "The Hunted" starring Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro. Suffice to say, Dave makes practical, functional knives and amazing choppers!

This machete is light in hand as it's made from 5/32" stock, very functional even though it's a hair over 15-1/4" overall length. It's really beautiful with the wet sanded blade and Mesquite Hardwood scales, no serial number with Dave’s “BECK” stamp on the front. Tapering tang with black tang liners, this one has the “trail dog” shaped handle. This machete is unused with original edge, mint condition.

The custom right side carry black molded leather sheath with strap, snap retainer and vertical dangler belt loop is original to the machete and in mint condition. Machete / sheath fit is perfect, quality second to none.

6 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case and product detail / warranty information packet all included. I've only seen a couple of other Beck Machete’s, this and the other custom Beck's I have for sale... you guys are just missing the f-ing boat! You're never going to find a collection of Dave Beck customs like these, I bought all these from Dave directly and all are just super rare. They're all going to sell at some point, you'll be kicking yourself for not picking up a couple of these monsters. WSK’s are up and both a Woodcraft and Fieldcraft to follow... don’t snooze (or sneeze) on these. Thanks and good luck.