Summary: an unused Model G WSK Lightweight (3/16” stock vs. 1/4”) with beautiful ironwood handle. This is the the long-bladed version with squareback (without sawteeth), awesome knife. Not sure of the finish as it has some streaks in it, I can guarantee you the knife has not been used.

Original black Scout sheath, never on a belt. Near mint... just a light scuff or two. For all intensive purposes, this knife / sheath combination is new.

“Designed for fast handling & greater control, this new WSK is quickly becoming a favorite of those who are looking to reduce kit weight in the field without compromising efficiency. Although not quite as rigid as our 1/4" version, this WSK, made from the same Model "G" pattern but with thinner 3/16" thick tool steel is plenty tough for all practical purposes & sacrifices nothing in chopping performance. We have thoroughly put these knives to the test & will say they are now our "go-to" WSK model when we take to the woods.”

10 photos for review – as shown, a new black Maxpedition carry case and set of matching survival bracelets (his and hers, large and small) both included. These model G LW's are tough to find, at the time of production this was only the 19th made. Dave closed his books for new orders last year, his WSK’s don’t typically last long on the secondary market. Super offering / great knife. Thanks and good luck.