Summary: Greg Wall made (Pebble Hill, TN) replica “Commando” movie knife, serial #8.

The blade is 9.5” long with original edge (not resharpened), overall length a hair over 15.25”. Big and heavy, seriously bad ass. Black cord wrapped hollow handle, the knurled butt cap with compass inside. (see photo 6) Condition is excellent+++, very light marks on the blade from sheath insertion, a few small scuffs on the handle tube but that’s about it.

The black leather Wall made sheath is original to the knife with large ring and tab for thigh lanyard. Excellent+++ condition, just a few scuffs.

8 photos for review – as shown, a 20” black canvas carry case is included. I really have no clue what the knife is worth but based on the time / effort that went in to this beast (and the fact that it’s numbered) I figure $695 has got to be quite the deal. Check it out… thanks and good luck.