If you don’t need the Maxpedition carry case email me and I’ll knock off $25

Summary: talk about a great find! This is a drop point hunter made by the late Jack Crain. Unused, original edge, mint condition. The hand sanded blade is 4”, overall length of the knife is 8-3/8”. 1/8” blade stock, not tapering tang. Crain logo front side, back side “Jack W. Crain” signature. Stag slabs match very closely, uniform in shape and texture. The brass pins are engraved, assume it was Jack who did the work but I really don’t know.

7 photos for review – no sheath with the knife but I’ve included a new Maxpedition carry case for protection and safe travels. I’m not sure when in Jack’s career this knife was made and information on the maker is getting harder and harder to find. What I do know: this is a very hard to find, sweet ass knife! I’ve sold dozens and dozens of Crain movie knives, his “other” knives like this one rarely come up for sale. Don’t miss out… thanks and good luck.