Summary: an unused plum tone Mission Knives MPT with original sheath. Leg straps manufactured in Japan, no clue if they're original or not. This is an early model, last one I had like this sold quickly for more money. Overall length a hair over 12". This knife has not been used, a few light handling rubs but that’s about it. Awesome find, near impossible to upgrade.

The paperwork shown in photos 8, 9 & 10 is informational only and not included. Tom Clinton / Sharp Stuff plastic bag IS included.

10 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. This is a rare find, someone is sure to have one of those “holy cow.... I gotta have it” moments. Thanks and good luck.

Additional information:

The MPT-Ti was designed with input and suggestions of U.S Marine Recon units and various United States Special Operations personnel which wanted a light weight, high strength, non-magnetic, corrosion proof tool with a more compact and thinner silhouette resulting in higher speed and lower drag coefficient than our popular U.S. Navy MPK. This version of the MPT is made with our special blend of titanium, which has very superior wear resistance and is “thru-hardened” to Rockwell C 47, while still maintaining its flexibility. The blade of the MPT has a distinctive false edge, which can be readily sharpened as necessary and the choil allows the user to safely place a forefinger in front of the lower guard for a better grip when using the knife for fine or delicate cutting. The grooved section on the MPT’s spine gives a better non-slip surface when applying pressure to the blade with the thumb. The MPT’s ergonomic hilt was specifically designed to feel comfortable in either hand, and the parrot’s beak shaped butt of the hilt allows the user maximum purchase when using the blade in either the standard (hammer) grip, fence (sideways) grip, or ice-pick (reverse) grip to meet any challenge. Complementing the handle is the large guard that ensures the user's hand will consistently stay on the hilt and not slip forward onto the blade. The handles are injection molded onto a full tang which prevents handle separation even when subjected to extreme stress. A custom low profile Hytrel sheath is included to be worn on the leg or thigh. The MPT-Ti is available in approximate 12” length, 0.250” thickness, plain or serrated, and standard black Hytrel handle.