Summary: an unused, early stiletto made by Ralph Bone prior to leaving the company. “BONE LUBBOCK, TEX” trademark, stamped B above 310 on the back ricasso.

This stiletto has a 6-3/4” mirror polished blade, thick nickel silver guard, black & aluminum spacers, gorgeous horn handle (type unknown) and what appears to be a nickel silver butt cap. PDG engraved on the butt, the knife was made from 3/16” stock with the overall length at 11-1/2”. The knife appears unused and is in beautiful condition, easily excellent+++ or better with nothing but light handling marks on the NS hardware. All said and done, I’d rate the knife in / around a 8.5 on a scale of 1 to 10, it’ll clean up to near mint.

The Johnson smoothback sheath is presumably original to the knife and is marked B7 on the back below the Johnson stamp. Tab at the toe for a thigh lanyard, the eggshell stone in the pouch appears unused but has a bunch of verdigris on it that I’m not messing with. The keeper strap snap functions properly, the stone pouch snap has pulled away but can be replaced if so desired. (see photos 1 & 2) Handling marks and a few stains front and back, nothing out of the ordinary.

5 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. Ralph Bone knives are quite collectible and this old Bone-made dagger is exceptionally nice. Perfect for collection / investment purposes, quite the deal considering the custom build and age / condition of the knife. Thanks and good luck.