Rob Bayley S4 Survival Knife
Original Bear Grylls Signature S4
One of First Few Made per Maker
4" RWL-34 / OAL 8-1/2”
Black G10 Handle Scales
Black Survival Sheath with Snap!
(not the now used Sam Browne stud)
New Black Canvas Carry Case

The best of the best if you're looking for an original Bear Grylls Signature S4!! Authenticated by Rob as one of the first few made, an easy authentication for him as he only made a couple of these with keeper strap snap sheaths before switching to the Sam Browne studs. From Rob:

“Hi Miles,
It makes it a very early one, I changed over to the Sam Browne studs only a few knives in after Bear had the snap fail (spring clip rusted shut) on the original knife while filming in mangrove jungle.

Condition: knife easily near mint with nothing but a couple light scuffs / handling marks on the guard. Everything else perfect, original edge.

The original keeper strap snap sheath is in excellent condition with some small handling marks / scuffs. Make no mistake about it, as far as Bayley S4 sheaths go this is a very rare bird.

8 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. These original Bayley Bear Signature S4's have sold for 2k or more in the past, only 80 or so ever made and distributed worldwide. These knives are in great demand as these Bear Signature knives are no longer made, as far as this model goes.... none better. Authenticity guaranteed, at $1,500 one of the best deals on the website. Thanks and good luck.