Summary: this is an original 1980's Timberline SA 7-1/2" hollow handle survival knife and original sheath. Serial #402SA, the knife is in excellent gently used condition. There are light marks / scuffs on the blade, blade with what appears to be the original edge. There is a small nick in the blade about a half inch from the choil, it won’t effect functionality and could be removed with a re-edging. A few light scuffs / stains on the guard and spots on the butt cap that will probably buff out, I didn't want to mess with the finish and left them alone. The original brown handle wrap looks great, no abrasion or fraying. The original pouch with assorted survival gear still in the handle, looks like everything is there except for the fishing hooks, split sinkers and two flies. Assume the basics: fishing line, sparking flint... enough to feed / set yourself on fire if given enough time. All said and done, a very clean vintage piece in excellent user condition.

The sheath appears original to the knife and has the early Timberline Knives stamp with gray sharpening stone under the back flap. Overall condition of the sheath is excellent or better -- you'll find light scuffs and spots front and back that don't amount to much.

9 photos for review -- as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. This is a good time to be buying vintage collectible survival knives – these original Timberline SA's were selling for much more just a few years ago. This would be a perfect knife to buy for survival use, all flaws are mostly cosmetic and $550 is a great deal. Thanks and good luck.