Randall #10-5 "Salt Fisherman"
aka "Salt Fisherman & Household Utility"
5" Stainless Steel Blade
Notched on Top for Thumb Placement
Pinned Black Micarta Scales + Lanyard
Sullivan Model E Cover Sheath
Plain Salmon Sharpening Stone
Embroidered Randall Knives Carry Case
Original Randall Butcher / Packing Paper
Randall Care / Instruction Sheet

Summary: brand spanking new, what more can I say? Perfect for the river, lake or out on the ocean. (or just tucked away in the tackle box should you actually bring something home other than fishing stories) Summer is nearly upon us, get a great knife on your hip!

3 photos for review – as shown, a new embroidered Randall Knives carry case and original paperwork all included. The RMK website says it best: "An ideal knife for yachtsmen and fisherman as well as for general household uses". Thanks and good luck.