Randall #10-5 "Salt Fisherman"
aka "Salt Fisherman & Household Utility"
5" Stainless Steel Blade
Notched on Top for Thumb Placement
Pinned Wood Scales + Lanyard
Brown Sullivan Model E Cover Sheath
Unused Plain Salmon Sharpening Stone
Generic Maroon Carry Case
Original Randall Butcher / Packing Paper
Randall Care / Instruction Sheet

Summary: brand spanking new, what more can I say? The wood scales are an upcharge from the shop, I'm not sure of the wood type but the option cost is either $60 or $70. Bolivian Rosewood? Just guessin’….

5 photos for review – as shown, a generic carry case, original paperwork and new plain salmon sharpening stone all included.

The RMK website says it best: "An ideal knife for yachtsmen and fisherman as well as for general household uses". Thanks and good luck.