Vaughn Neeley Survival Knife #093SA
7-1/2" 440C Stainless Blade @ 58-60 Rockwell
304 Series Stainless Guard Drilled For Lanyards
Black Cord Wrapped Hollow Handle
304 Series Heavy Wall Stainless Tubing
440C Butt Cap @ 58 Rockwell
Inside Butt Cap Polished for Signaling
Survival Kit Stored in Hollow Handle
Brown Belt Sheath Hand Stitched by Vaughn
Sharpening Stone Under Back Flap
New Black Canvas Carry Case

Summary: this is the popular SA (7-1/2" blade) survival knife made by Vaughn Neeley. Vaughn is the founding father of Timberline Knives and his survival knives (SB's, SE's, SA's & SAS's) are everything you could ever want or need in a survival situation. The upper edge at the tip has very small teeth ideal for making tinder -- the double guard is drilled for lanyard attachments. (for spear fabrication) This knife has a hollow handle wrapped with black cord -- you'll find a survival kit (shown in photos) stored in the handle. The removable butt cap has a polished underside designed for signaling, nothing was overlooked.

The sheath is original to the knife and handmade by Vaughn -- there is a fixed sharpening stone under the back flap. This is the best of the best... never on a belt and in near mint condition with nothing but a few light rubs / handling marks.

7 photos for review -- this Neeley #093SA w/ black cord wrap is in new condition and the cat's meow. (for my friends overseas not familiar with American phrases... the 'cats meow' is good!) As shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. Typically a $650 to $695 knife... this is a kick ass price on an unused SA. Thanks and good luck.