Summary: this is a prototype Combat Hunter made years ago by Jim Behring / Treeman Knives, one of a dozen or so prototype Combat Hunters ever made. All were a bit different, this was the only one he made with this style thick checkered aluminum grips This model was the one that started it all – Jim went on to design and produce large combat knives, small and large phalanx knives, machetes, hatchets, push daggers, recon hunters, etc. etc.

I bought the majority of the Combat Hunter prototypes, they sold like hot cakes. Condition of this one is mint -- this knife has been tucked safely away since new.

The knife is paired to the original USA-made black Spec Ops sheath, also in mint condition.

5 photos for review -- as shown, a new green canvas carry case is included for storage. This is a great buy on this long discontinued custom Treeman prototype Combat Hunter – it’s rare as hens teeth. Thanks and good luck.