Summary: a super rare 4” bladed hunter with artifact fossil handle. The fossil is quite unique, was probably some type of artifact tool or fishing net weight. Just a guess, there’s really no way of knowing. Whatever it was it’s way cool.

This sweet looking little hunting knife has a razor sharp 4” blade, nickel silver guard, short spacer stack and aforementioned fossil handle. Hole right through the center, rock solid and really neat. The overall length is just a hair under 8-1/2”, the knife is in mint condition.

The knife comes with a custom riveted sheath with Ostrich hide front. Made right there in the Treeman shop, like the knife the sheath is in mint condition.

7 photos for review – as shown, a black canvas carry case and J. Behring Handmade sticker both included. This is an awesome knife for the fisherman or small game hunter, probably best for collection / investment purposes but also not a bad size for everyday carry. Satisfaction guaranteed, you’re going to love this one. Thanks and good luck.