Summary: a beautiful 4-1/4” fillet knife made by Jim Behring. The artifact fossil handle is drop dead gorgeous, the knife with a nickel hilt and finished to perfection. This beautiful fillet knife is way better in person, the photos taken on a cloudy day and do the knife no justice. Jim put his Michigan stamp on the back side of the blade, J. Behring Handmade on the front. Overall length is 8-3/4”, the knife is in mint condition.

The knife comes with a custom riveted sheath with Ostrich hide front. Made right there in the Treeman shop, like the knife the sheath is in mint condition.

7 photos for review – as shown, a black canvas carry case and J. Behring Handmade sticker both included. This is an awesome knife for the fisherman or small game hunter, perfect for collection purposes or everyday carry. Satisfaction guaranteed – thanks and good luck.