Jim Behring Fighting Knife / 2014
8-1/2” TS Blade w/ Double Skulls
Double Nickel Silver Guard
Very Short Spacer Stack
Pinned Crow’s Beak Fossil Handle
Mosher Stone Pocket Sheath w/ Lanyard
Signed & Dated Plain Salmon Stone
Old Style J. Behring Knives Carry Case

Summary: this is one hell of a deal on a Jim Behring custom fighting knife, especially one with a crow’s beak fossil handle. This is an $895 knife all day long, I'm pricing it right as I bought it with a few others and don’t want or need to bleed out every last retail penny on them. The knife is in near mint condition, the guard with a few light handling / wipe marks but that’s all you’ll find. The pinned fossil is perfect. Overall length: 14-1/4".

The knife is fitted to a riveted stone pocket belt sheath made by Jack Mosher. This one has the toe tab with thigh lanyard, right side carry. Stone in the pouch dated and signed by Jim, it doesn’t get much better than that. The sheath is in excellent+++ to near mint condition, nothing but a few very light handling marks.

6 photos for review – as shown, an old style J. Behring Handmade carry case is included. I've priced the knife low, where else can you find a completely hand made, hand forged fossil fighter for $750? Not too many places, and most certainly not of Jim's quality. Sure to appreciate in price down the road and there’s already some meat on the bone. Thanks and good luck.