Jim Behring Hammer Marked Fighting Knife
8-1/4" with Double Skull Stamps
Nickel Silver Guard
Long, Traditional Spacer Stack
Pinned Crotch Stag + Lanyard
Custom Sharkskin Sheath
Black Canvas Case & Treeman Sticker

Summary: a handful of joy, this is a 1/4" stock hammer marked fighting knife made by Jim Behring. The blade is 8-1/4”, overall length is a very healthy 14-1/4". Double skull stamps with a large nickel silver guard and long 3-1/2" spacer stack, a really nice piece of crotch stag fitted with a lanyard completes the knife Brand new, mint condition.

The riveted sheath was also made right there at the Treeman shop. It’s a custom with sharkskin front, should last a lifetime. A loop on the back at the toe for a thigh lanyard, the sheath made specifically for this knife and in mint condition.

9 photos for review – as shown, a black canvas carry case and sticker both included. The shape of the handle is probably more suited to a right-handed user, photos do the knife no justice. Priced very fairly for what you’re getting, all handmade from start to finish. Thanks and good luck.