Jim Behring Fighting Knife
8-1/4" Hammer Marked Blade
Large Brass Guard
Long, Traditional Spacer Stack
Beautiful Dark Colored Crown Stag
Custom Giraffe Hide Front Panel Sheath
Black Canvas Carry Case
Treeman Knives Sticker

Summary: Jim Behring crown stag fighter with super nice, knobby crown stag.

The blade is 8-1/4”, overall length a very healthy 14-1/4". The knife has a large brass guard and long, traditional spacer stack (mostly leather), the brass pinned crown stag butt completes the knife. Mint condition.

The custom riveted sheath with Giraffe hide front panel was also made right there at the Treeman shop. Knife / sheath fit is perfect... brass snap and rivets to match the brass guard on the knife. There's a loop on the back for a thigh lanyard, near mint to mint condition with just a couple dents from the crown stag.

8 photos for review – as shown, a black canvas carry case and Treeman Knives sticker both included. The photos tell the story but the knife is better in person, priced very fairly for what you’re getting. Jim's fighters are all awesome... his crown stag creations are especially nice. Thanks and good luck.