Summary: the longer of two matching hammer marked daggers I have for sale that were made by Jim Behring. This double edged bad ass dagger has an 8-3/4” hammer marked blade, nickel silver guard, long spacer stack, pinned stag butt and fitted nickel silver butt plate. I custom ordered this and the 7-1/4” dagger back at the last Tulsa show, Jim made them as a matched set but I’m listing individually so you don’t have to buy both. The knife is in near mint condition with just a couple of light wipe marks on the nickel silver butt plate.

Jim also made matching riveted sheaths with Sharkskin fronts and thigh lanyard tabs, knife / sheath fit is perfect and the Sharkskin material is about as durable as any skin or hide you’ll find. Mint condition.

2 photos for review – not shown but included is a new Treeman Knives carry case. Photos show both matching daggers, buy one or both and I guarantee you’ll be a happy camper. Perfect for collection / investment purposes, custom Jim Behring matching fighter sets are as rare as hens teeth. Thanks and good luck.