Summary: this is a sweetheart of a fighter made by Jim Behring. The knife is brand new from the maker, unused and in perfect condition. Razor sharp edge, brass guard and brass caps on the crotch stag handle. Super nice, over the top attention to detail. This fighter feels perfect in either hand, made from 3/16” stock with really nice balance. Overall length is right at 13-1/4”.

The knife is fitted to a custom riveted sheath made at the Treeman shop. Treeman Leather Shop stamp on the back, a really sweet Giraffe front panel and even comes with a riveted loop for a thigh lanyard. Brand new, just a rub or two at most.

7 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. This is a great price one one of Jim’s fighters, where else can you find a completely hand made, hand forged knife and custom sheath under $100 per blade inch? Not too many places, and most certainly not of Jim's quality. Sure to appreciate in price at some point down the road, grab what you can and tuck them away for long term investment purposes. Thanks and good luck.