Summary: a bad ass humpback fighter made by Jim Behring / Treeman Knives. This knife has an 8” humpback blade with sharp clip, large brass guard, short spacer stack, and long split stag handle with fitted brass butt plate. The stag is awesome, deep cut and uniform in color. Fit for a king with large hands, overall length is 13-5/8”. Mint condition, brand new from the maker.

The custom riveted stone pocket sheath is a thing of beauty and has the thigh lanyard loop on the back. I included a very nice Norton Soft Arkansas stone, fits well in the pouch and doesn’t rattle around. The sheath is also in mint condition, Treeman Leather Shop stamp with a couple of skulls on the back.

7 photos for review – as shown, a brown canvas carry case is included. This is a fabulous knife / sheath package, a great one to buy if you’re looking for something special to add to your fighting knife collection. Photos do this one no justice.... it’s much nicer in hand / in person. Thanks and good luck.