Summary: gawd… what a gorgeous blade grind and super crisp double skull stamp on this one!!

A beautiful, old school stag fighter made by Jim Behring. Brand new from the maker, unused and in perfect condition. Razor sharp edge, nickel silver hardware as bookends to a short spacer stack and fabulous looking sambar stag handle Super fast in hand, made from 1/8” stock with really nice balance Overall length is right at 12-1/2”.

The knife is fitted to a custom riveted roughback sheath made at the Treeman shop. Treeman Leather Shop stamp on the back belt loop and a really sweet shark skin front panel. Brand new, just a rub or two at most.

8 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. This is a great price one one of Jim’s fighters, where else can you find a completely hand made, hand forged knife and custom sheath under $100 per blade inch? You can’t… this is a bargain! Sure to appreciate in price at some point down the road, grab what you can and tuck them away for long term investment purposes Thanks and good luck.