Summary: this is a brand new, mint condition Jim Behring recurve fighter with deep cut stag and brass butt cap. The knife has a 10" hammer marked “double skull” blade made from 1/4” stock, double nickel silver hilt, short spacer stack, and aforementioned great looking stag. This knife has never been used, blade razor sharp with original edge. No use, no wipe marks... no nuthin’! Perfect shape, whoever buys it will be the one to tuck it away or break it in.

Rocco there in the shop made the riveted sheath, it’s also brand new with Giraffe hide front and thigh lanyard tab on the back toe. Mint condition.

8 photos for review – I’ll ship this in some type of generic carry case as that’s all I have on hand that will fit something this large. This is a super nice 16+” fighting knife in mint condition, perfect for the collector looking to tuck one of Jim's fighters away for investment purposes. It's beautifully finished – you'll love this knife / sheath package. Thanks and good luck.