Jim Behring "Alaskan"
4-1/2" Hammer Marked Blade
Single Brass Guard
Nice Looking Spacer Stack
Fabulous 1 Off Deep Cut Stag
Fitted Brass Butt Cap
Pouch Sheath by Treeman Knives
Blue Canvas Carry Case

Summary: this is a beautiful custom "Alaskan" made by Jim Behring. This is one hell of a nice knife, the texture and shape of the stag is phenomenal This knife has a 4-1/2" hammer marked blade, brass guard, short spacer stack, and kick ass pinned stag handle. A fitted brass butt cap at the back end completes the knife, mounted so well that Jim guarantees it for life. Brand new, just a few light wipe marks on the brass hardware.

The knife is paired to a riveted pouch sheath made by Treeman Knives. The knife / sheath fit is perfect, exceptional quality made right on site at the property. Mint condition.

7 photos for review – as shown, a blue canvas carry case is included. It's amazing that a guy can still get a custom hand forged knife of this quality in a very high quality sheath for this price, this one's sweet as can be with a one-off shaped stag handle. A perfect knife for use or collection purposes -- thanks and good luck.