Jim Behring Crown Stag Camp Knife
9” Hammer Marked Blade
Large Brass Guard
Long, Traditional Spacer Stack
AA++ Pinned Crown Stag
Custom Riveted Sheath
New Black Canvas Carry Case
2011 Treeman Knives Cap Signed by Jim & JR

Summary: the longer you look the more you’ll want it. Once you own it, you’ll never sell it. Once you pick it up... you’ll want to use it. Talk about a razor sharp chopper extraordinaire... it’s all business. The blade is spot on 9", overall length is a whopping 15-1/2". Simply awesome and of course.. finished to perfection. Mint condition.

The riveted sheath was also made right there at the Treeman shop. It’s a custom with Giraffe hide front and loop on the back for a thigh lanyard. Knife / sheath fit is perfect... mint condition.

Bonus: 2011 Treeman Combat Knives Baseball Cap signed by both Jim & JR (James) Don’t quote me, but I think only three of these signed caps exist.

8 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case and Treeman Knives sticker both included. The photos tell the story but the knife is better in person, priced very fairly for what you’re getting. This crown stag butt is over the top – thanks and good luck.