Jim Behring Drop Blade Skinner
5-1/4” 1095 Tool Steel Blade
Large Brass Guard
Short Spacer Stack
Thick, Deep Cut Stag Handle
Fitted Brass Butt Plate
Riveted Belt Sheath, Antique Finish
New Black Canvas Carry Case
Treeman Knives Patch

Note: I haven't had a drop blade skinner from Jim for well over a year... probably two or more. The balance is amazing, the guard extended on the bottom side to keep your fingers away from the blade. With respect to functionality, this one's a 10 out of 10.

Summary: this J. Behring hand-forged "drop blade" skinning knife has a 5-1/4" 1095 blade, large brass guard, short spacer stack and super studly thick / deep cut stag handle. Jim completed the knife with a fitted brass butt plate, finish work is as usual... exceptional. This is knife you can use hunting on any mid to large size game, it'll tackle the heaviest jobs with ease. The OAL is 10-5/8”, mint condition.

The knife comes with a custom antique finish handmade leather belt sheath made in the Treeman shop. Knife / sheath fit is perfect, brass rivets to match the knife hardware. Mint condition.

7 photos for review -- as shown, a new black canvas carry case and Treeman Knives patch all included. This great size hunting knife will serve you well and last a lifetime, Jim’s blades are razor f-ing sharp and just awesome for field use. Photos do the knife no justice, you'll want to get this one in your hand. Thanks and good luck.