Summary: Jim doesn’t make many of these antler handle hunters, this one with the super thin stock AEB-L stainless blade is simply a super slicer.

This is an awesome hunter that’s very light in hand, razor sharp with an overall length of 10-3/4”. In my opinion it feels better in the left hand, certainly not bad if you manuever your right hand around a little to get comfortable. Brand new from the maker, near mint condition with an insertion mark on the back side only visible in direct light.

The knife is paired to a riveted leather belt sheath made right there at the Treeman shop. Fit is perfect, condition is mint.

6 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. This would be a great knife to have on your belt for hunting, all-around use or collection / investment purposes. This bad boy is razor sharp, Jim’s AEB-L stainless steel knives are the cat’s meow. Thanks and good luck.