Jim Behring Hammer Marked "Alaskan"
5-1/4" Hand Forged 1095 Blade
Silver Soldered Nickel Guard
Premium Right Hand Fingered Stag
Nickel Silver Butt Cap
Custom Giraffe Panel Riveted Sheath
Black Canvas Carry Case

Summary: this is a custom hammer-marked "Alaskan" made by Jim Behring. This one was made with awesome right hand fingered stag, semi deep cut with great color. Made from 3/16” stock, it comes with a silver soldered nickel guard, short spacer stack and a nickel butt plate at the tail end. OAL at 10-1/4”, the knife is in mint condition.

The knife is paired to a custom Behring-made riveted belt sheath with Giraffe front panel. Outstanding quality, the knife / sheath fit is perfect. Mint condition.

7 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. This would be a great knife to have on your belt for hunting or all-around camp use, obviously a great knife to tuck away for collection purposes. Razor sharp and ready for work, Jim’s Alaskan’s are amazing and I guarantee you’ll LOVE the knife. Thanks and good luck.