Summary: tucked away for over 15 years, this is really cool knife Jim made back in 2004. Jim signed and dated the guard (see photos), one of three with signed guards that I have for sale. Paired with the original “era” tooled sheath (back when Jack Mosher was doing leather for Jim and James), quite the collectible pairing.

Specs: 4-5/8” “Marble Bison” model blade, signed and dated brass guard, fiber/metal spacer stack and incredibly nice stag handle with compass. Easily near mint, nothing but light wipe marks and tarnish on the guard. The tooled Mosher horsehide sheath is in excellent+++ condition with just a few handling marks front and back.

8 photos for review – as shown, a vintage J. Behring Handmade carry case is included. This is a knife Jim made over 15 years ago (10-4-2004), tucked away since new. This is one you can use a few years and still get your money out of due to the signed and engraved guard, after you have it in your hand I can almost guarantee you won’t want to let it go. Check it out... it’s a true Treeman collectible at a great price. Thanks and good luck.

Stay safe but positive, rest assured the most brilliant minds in the world are working on this COVID-19 virus and we’ll all get through it sooner than later. MWK