Summary: ready for work, this Jim Behring wide blade "Woodie" skinner has a 3/16” stock 6” tool steel blade (width close to 2"), brass guard, short spacer stack and beautiful crow's beak ironwood handle. The OAL is 10-5/8”, perfect size for carry and in mint condition.

The knife comes in a custom handmade leather sheath with antique finish made right there in the Treeman shop. The knife / sheath fit is perfect and the sheath is in mint condition

7 photos for review -- as shown, a new black canvas carry case and J. Behring Handmade patch both included. This knife will serve you well in the field, a total “looker”... the patterns in the ironwood handle are awesome. Another most excellent find.... a great value and true stocking stuffer at this price point. Thanks and good luck.