Summary: I snapped this and a few other AEB-L stainless steel knives off Jim’s table in Tulsa first thing after he set up, two have gone in to my kitchen drawer as users and two for the website. I should keep these two as well but fuck... I feel like a drug dealer using my own product.

From Jim: “the AEB-L stainless steel knives are all the first ever in 22 years and made in limited numbers. Old school German straight razor steel I will use on my Chefs Knives. They are a pain in the ass to make and the heat treat alone take a few days along with the cyro dry ice alcohol 24 hour quench. The AEBL knives are all around .090 to .100 thick. They are amazing cutters and do not rust or stain ever.”

The blade on this slicer is right at 7-1/4” front to guard, overall length is 13-1/8”. Pretty stag, silver soldered nickel silver guard (NSG) and finished with a nickel silver butt plate. Mint condition.

They made the custom slip sheath right there at the shop, Treeman Leather Shop stamp on the back. All stitched, no rivets. The knife / sheath fit is perfect and the sheath is in mint condition.

7 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. This is a really neat, custom piece.. the longest bladed (by a good bit) AEB-L Treeman knife I’ve had for sale. As an investment for your collection.. you can’t lose. If you’re buying it to use... you can’t lose. Get the picture? You can’t lose!! But... you can lose a fingertip so be careful using it!! Thanks and good luck.