Summary: it seems that if Jim makes one of these a year it’s a lot so a couple of these surfacing for sale is like… two years worth. (math is my strong suit) This one’s the wood handled of the two and it’s a real looker!

The hammer-marked blade on this one is 6”, overall length is 11-1/2”. Made from ¼” stock, fitted with a large brass guard, built with a short spacer stack and premium ironwood handle with a shaped crow’s beak butt. Brand new, never used… mint condition.

The sheath was made right there at the Treeman shop, as custom as the cleaver with a really nice shark skin front panel. Quality is exceptional, fit is perfect. Mint condition.

6 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. While beautiful, this thing will jack you up and take off a finger if you’re not careful. It’s like a razor, you’ve been warned. Thanks and good luck.