Jim Behring Double Bit Hatchet
2-3/4” Sharpened Edges
4-3/4" Side To Side
Brass Hilt & Butt Plate
Long 7-1/2" Handle
Pinned Stag Butt w/ Brass Lanyard Sleeve
Original Head Cover w/ Belt Loop
Treeman Knives Patch

Summary: great price on this rare Jim Behring double bit hatchet. Buy it quick before I change my mind and decide not to sell it. (fuck I want to throw this thing!) Jim fitted this one with brass hardware (guard and butt plate) and beautiful pinned stag handle with brass lanyard sleeve. Accurate dimensions above, overall length is right at 13-1/2”.

This is a rare, fully functional hatchet with large handle and 2-3/4" cutting edges. The attention to detail and finish work is exceptional. 3/16" blade stock so it's not going to pull your f****** pants down if you decide to carry it on your belt. Brand new, purchased directly from Jim. No handling marks... no nuthin’... this one’s in mint condition.

The head cover was made by Rocco right there at the Treeman shop, brass snaps to match the hatchet hardware. The fit / finish is perfect, mint condition.

5 photos for review – as shown, a Treeman Knives patch is included. Get something special for yourself this Christmas, Treeman hatchets are rare... especially the double bits. Thanks and good luck.